22 февр. 2012 г.

Zimmer introduces Chondrofix Osteochondral Allograft

Zimmer Holdings Inc. released its Chondrofix Osteochondral Allograft to repair osteochondral lesions in diarthrodial joints in a single-stage procedure.
“Chondrofix technology offers an innovative new option for early intervention treatment of cartilage lesions through either an open or arthroscopic surgical procedure,” Cheryl R. Blanchard, PhD, senior vice president and chief scientific officer at Zimmer, stated in a company press release.

According to the release, the allograft is designed for patients with osteochondral legions who are considered too young for a total joint replacement or need to reduce the amount of rehabilitation time. It is minimally manipulated using a proprietary process which results in viral inactivation and terminal sterilization. The product also has a 2-year shelf life, and retains the mechanical properties of the pre-processed tissue, including the capacity for immediate load-bearing.

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