29 февр. 2012 г.

Alexander Orthopaedic Associates Chooses White Plume Technologies to Fill the EMR Gap

Alexander Orthopaedic Associates (AOA) in Largo, FL, has chosen to fill the EMR Gap in their practice with White Plume Technologies between Exscribe electronic health record (EHR) and Advanced Data Systems' (ADSC) practice management system (PM system).

EMRs can be powerful clinical tools but often leave gaps in the billing process unfilled. White Plume Technologies bridges EMR gaps by specializing in accelerating the physician charge capture and medical coding process.

Dr. Allan Alexander of Alexander Orthopedic Associates, an EMR user since 2002 and White Plume client since 2005, explains how White Plume fills the EMR gap:
"When charges are generated by (physicians) entering notes, we still miss one point. [The EHR] dumps data into our PM system, but doesn't scrub it. We make our charge entry into White Plume's products, then Exscribe EHR dumps the data into [AccelaSMART] to scrub the data before sending it to [our PM System]."

Once the charge capture process is complete, AccelaSMART's customizable resolution engine reviews each encounter for quarterly updated medical necessity, LCD, NCD, CCI and NCI edits. Using AccelaSMART, AOA's back office staff never reviews a claim unless it has been flagged as unclean. AccelaSMART can help ensure proper reimbursement and allow billers and medical coders to spend time more effectively.

"[With White Plume] we efficiently generate and submit a significant number of claims per day while minimizing errors and omissions. Coding, diagnosis, procedure, and modifier conflicts are identified and corrected, enabling effective claim submission to the third party payers—which in turn keeps our rejection/resubmission rates on the lowest level within the industry."
--Dr. Allan Alexander of AOA

About AOA

In addition to superb orthopedic and musculoskeletal care, Alexander Orthopaedic Associates offers Laser Assisted Total Knee Arthoplasty/Replacement (LATKA) that enables laser beams to align cutting instruments in joint replacement surgery. Being the only device of its kind, AOA hosts monthly seminars to instruct surgeons worldwide on how to use LATKA. Invented and developed by founding partner Dr. Vladimir A. Alexander, LATKA is distributed exclusively by AOA.

About White Plume

White Plume Technologies accelerates the charge capture and coding process to fill the EMR gap between current EMR functionality and the much hoped for "ideal" EMRs of the future. To learn more about White Plume and its solutions, visit www.whiteplume.com.

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