19 янв. 2012 г.

Plating no more invasive than nailing for distal femoral shaft fractures

Plating no more invasive than nailing for distal femoral shaft fractures

WAILEA, Hawaii – Plating remains the best option for comminuted, intra-articular distal femur fractures, according to a presenter at Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2012 here.

“One can adapt the fixation to all fracture patterns, and there are no surprises. With new techniques, plating is no more invasive than nailing,” Andrew H. Schmidt, MD, said.

Although distal femur fractures are a relatively non-controversial injury with a well-understood fracture pattern, he said that questions remain about the defined operative indications, treatment principles and options. Research into the treatment of distal femoral fractures continues to evolve, Schmidt said, and there is limited evidence to base treatment choices.

He said clinical results indicate that plate fixation of the distal femur works well for all fracture patterns. Nailing is okay for simple fractures and may be better in morbidly obese patients where exposure tends to be more difficult.

“Nailing certainly has a well-established role for certain fracture patterns. If you are a surgeon who prefers to and enjoys working with your hands, it is a good technique.”
Schmidt AH. Distal femoral fractures: Rodding vs. plating. Presented at Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2012, Jan. 15-18. Wailea, Hawaii.
Disclosure: Schmidt has no relevant financial disclosures.

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